20 Funny Golf Gag Gifts

Everyone loves a good laugh on the course and these golf gag gifts are sure not to disappoint. They are perfect for Birthday or Christmas presents for friends, colleagues and family as they are cheap but funny and effective.

Table Of Contents

  1. Gag Golf Gifts for Men
  2. 40th and 60th Birthday
  3. Gag Golf Books
  4. Funny Golf Ball Gifts
  5. Gag Golf Mugs
  6. Funny Golf Towels
  7. Other Golf Gag Gift Ideas

Golf Gag Gifts for Men

Great for a bucks night or just a good laugh, this set of 6 red head golf tees is sure to throw your friends off their golf game.

If you’ve got a friend who’s into poker and golf, these golf poker chip markers are a great addition to any golfers bag. It might even distract them from making the putt too!

A great golf gift for someone not easily offended, this divet tool and fun golf markers is a top laugh. Great for someone who enjoys mildly offensive humor.

I’m not sure if you actually hit more birdies with this gift, or if you just forget to count all of your shots. Regardless, it will probably help your scorecard.

Do you know someone who needs a bit of putting practice? A great gift for someone who is always 3 or 4 putting. I don’t have any better to do on the crapper so why not!

Much better to get a set of these for your friends than to have a few beers and get the drunkest guy to put a golf tee in between his cheeks. Or is it?

Eyes on the ball – a great way to make sure you don’t lift your head too quickly. This 20 piece pack of 3″ naked ladies is a great addition to a round of golf.

40th and 60th Birthday Golf Gag Gift Ideas

Senior addition golf ball holder – If you ever wondered why santas sack is so big, it’s because he only comes once a year. This guys big sack however is more due to gravity and being really old.

Don’t buy a gift that will never get used – they’re sure to keep losing balls so this present will be sure not to disappoint.

Do you have an old balding friend that would love nothing more than a head of grey hair? The only issue with this gift is you can no longer blame the sun glare off their bald head when you hit a bad shot.

Fitting nicely over the end of your putting shaft – this ball picker upper will ensure their old hips and back stay strong for other activities.

Golf Gag Book Gifts

Everyone appreciates a little honesty. This book is both helpful, and a not so subtle poke at their poor golfing skills at the same time.

You got a friend who is never at fault? Maybe they can add this list of excuses to their repertoire so they never have to own their bad shot.

Funny Golf Ball Gifts

Do you know a golfer with a sweating problem? Maybe they sweat under pressure of a birdie putt? This set of sweaty golf balls could be just right for them. Available in blue if you are going for a blue balls joke.

If you are looking for a gift for a practical joker, this is more their style. This ball lets off farting noises and rolls around as you putt it.

Maybe you’ve got a friend, brother, father or son that would be more suited to these balls instead. These are a great laugh – especially for someone who takes their golf a little seriously.

This group of 4 novelty balls is great for practical jokers. It contains the well known exploding ball, as well as the Unputtable, Phantom and Jetstreamer balls.

Golf Gag Mug Gifts

For the person who can’t stop thinking about golf even when their at work, this cup and golf club and pen combo is a great novelty gift.

For the golfer seeking some useful tips, this 18 oz coffee cup will be a gentle reminder of every blow up they’ve had on the course.

Funny Golf Towel Gifts

Got a golfing buddy who is into Star Wars… Don’t worry, we all have one. This towel, poker chip and flask is great for them. The plastic flask holds 5 shots so you should still hit straight afterwards.

If you’ve got a friend with dirty balls, this is the towel for them. 16 inches by 16 inches of smooth, quality material to ensure those balls are in top notch.

Other Gag Golf Gift Ideas

Gopher it! If you’ve got a buddy who continues to lose balls down the gopher holes (or says that when they can’t find it), this is the gift for them.

While this is more of a practical golfing present, this is a great opportunity to remind your buddies how many balls they lose. Is 3 enough for them?

The present wrap up

Hopefully you’ve found something in this selection of Golf Gag Gifts. They are inexpensive and funny which makes them the perfect present to get a few laughs without breaking the bank. If you are after a few funny gags to let rip on the course, here’s our list of Clean Funny Golf Jokes, or for the pranksters among you, our Golf Pranking Guide.

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