Get more from your golf with this selection of golf pranks and practical jokes suitable for any occasion. The course can be frustrating at times which makes it the perfect place to prank your friends and buddies. Keep a few of these up your sleeve for the day your friend is whipping you on the course, or you just want a few extra laughs. For the best reaction, make sure you get them when our buddy is having a really poor round or has mishit a few shots!

Table of contents:

golf pranks alligator on course

  1. Exploding golf balls
  2. Other novelty golf balls
    1. Unputtable golf ball
    2. Farting golf ball
    3. Jetstreamer ball
    4. Phantom Ball
  3. Joke Golf Tees
  4. The Unputtable Putt – Golf Ball Ejector
  5. Following Group Golf Pranks
    1. Which Ball is it
    2. In The Face
    3. The Hole in One
  6. Snake Golf Course Pranks
    1. The Snake Chase
    2. Snake Surprise
    3. Snakes on the Green
  7. Golf Course Gators
  8. Golf cup surprises
    1. Poo surprise
    2. Spider surprise
  9. The Air Horn

Exploding golf balls

exploding golf balls prank

Whilst they are a pretty basic prank, they can be highly effective. These trick golf balls explode into a puff of white smoke when you make contact with them leaving your victim asking WTF? Exploding golf balls are made of a compressed white powder that shatters on impact. When used on a frustrated opponent, you will have them fuming because you know that they just wasted their perfect drive to hit an exploding golf ball!

Gag set up

For the 1st time golfer, you can offer to tee it up for them on the first. You might even have a few guys watching from the 19th hole for a bit of public humiliation. Everyone can laugh at an exploding golf ball prank.

If they are a little more experienced, best wait until they hit one out of bounds off the tee (or hit a couple into the water off the tee), they are showing plenty of frustration, then offer to tee it up for them. Their tee height will already be set so they shouldn’t need to pick it up and give away the game.

If they are not keen on you teeing up their ball, you might have to convince them they have to change their club up or down 1 club then do the switch-a-roo while they’re grabbing a different club.

Of course, you don’t have to play these off the tee either – if you have a cart, wait until they ID their ball on the fairway then go for the switch while they are figuring out which club they should hit.

If you have a arrogant friend, whey not challenge him to a longest drive on that hole and bet a beer on it as well!

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Amazon Exploding Golf Balls

Other novelty golf balls

There are a few other novelty golf balls available if you are looking for a variety of joke options.

Unputtable Golf Ball

These balls are unevenly weighted so no matter how good your putting skills are, you’ll have a tough time hitting this one straight.

Gag set up

For best results, wait until your victim has taken plenty of shots to get onto the green so they’re already a little agitated. This one can be a little harder to pull off, however using the flag is your best bet so when both of your balls are close but the victims is closer, ask them to pull the flag for you. That should give you enough time to switch the balls while they’ve got their back to you.

For extra effect, you can put a small wager on it. If you are going down the wager road, wait until they sink a 2 foot put, throw down the wobbler and bet them they can’t do it again for a beer!

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Unputtable Golf Balls

Farting Golf Ball

farting golf ball practical joke ballsFor a slight variation on the unputtable golf ball above, check out the farting golf ball. Not only does this ball move all over the green when they are trying to one putt, it also lets out a ripper farting noise when it is struck.

You can check out what it does on the green at the following farting golf ball U-tube video.

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Farting Golf Balls

Jetstreamer and Phantom

Similar to the exploding golf balls, the phantom golf balls will explode into a ball of mist on impact and leave your victim scratching their head. The Jetstreamer ball after you hit it will trail a party popper like streamer out of it.

Gag set up

Take a look a the exploding golf ball set up options above for these gags.

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Phantom Golf Balls


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Jet Streamer Prank Golf Balls


If you like the idea of gag golf balls, I recommend the following pack – it gives you 4 exploding balls, 2 unputtable balls, 1 phantom and 1 jetstreamer.

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8 Pack of Trick Golf Balls

Joke Golf Tees

joke golf tees

Flat top joke golf tees are a great choice though they are suited more towards pranking the amateur golfer. Anyone who has played a little golf will soon realise they are dead flat on

top and impossible to balance a ball on top of. If you throw it at a more experienced golfer on a windy day, you might just get a rise out of these gag tees though.

Gag set up

Best chance you have is to slip one into your friends bag to remove suspicion from you when the ball keeps falling off. Otherwise, take your shot then swap your tee with the flat top and leave it in the ground for them to tee up on. Then get the camera ready – make sure you give them the tip to ensure the tee is straight up just to fire them up a little after it falls off once or twice.

If you don’t want to buy these, you can take sandpaper to some wooden tees of your own and sand the top off to be level, however then you’re probably going to need some paint to make it look real – too much effort for me.

If your friend uses plastic tees, you can look to put a small amount of clear super glue onto the top of a tee and slip that in their bag, or if you want to  to throw it on one of their tees, take some fast setting glue with you on the course.

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Joke flat head golf tees

The unputtable putt – golf ball ejector

golf ball ejector prank

A great gag for someone who is a decent putter – this marvelous invention spits your buddy’s ball out of the hole after it’s sunk. Also a great way to make a few bucks. Bet your buddy the ball will still be on the green at the end of the putt –  if he’s only putting from a foot away he”s probably going to take that bet.

Gag set up

It’s used to best effect is when your victim is trying to sing a long put for birdie, or better still after they have just 4 putted to get it in the hole only for it to come back out. To achieve it, either offer to grab the flag then when their back is turned, slip it in the cup. Then you’ll have to do everything in your power to make them put out first. Otherwise the better option is to wait for a hole when you chip it close to the hole and tell them you will put out first – that way you can slip it in the cup when you grab your ball and you can stand back with the camera!

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Joke Golf Ball Ejector Putt

Funny golf course pranks for the following group

These gags are great for the group behind you that continues to tee off “because they didn’t think they would hit it that far”. Really it’s just because they are impatient. Or if you are a big group and know the guys behind it’s also a pretty good gag. If they are testing your patience, these harmless pranks can help you get one up on them.

Which ball is it?

marshmallow group golf course prankWhilst it is a shame to waste marshmallows, if you aren’t near a campfire there are better uses for them. White marshmallows have a very close resemblance to golf balls until you get close enough to them which is great for creating a bunch of false and more desirable targets to the following group of golfers.

Gag set up

Wait for a hole with a raised hump in the fairway that limits the visibility in the hitting zone then spread the marshmallows out all over the fairway. The goal is to make the fairway look like a driving range!! Make sure you put a most of the marshmallows further down the fairway where they would want their ball to be – they will naturally go to check those first before having to double back to find their ball. If you get really lucky, they will actually put theirs in the rough so you can give them a bunch of options on the fairway.

Similarly if there is a green in the obscured zone, make sure you put one on the green near the pin so you can see their happiness when they come over the hill only to find their ball is actually in the bunker off to the side.

In the face

Direct hit golf gags

While faking a hit to the head with a golf ball might seem a little dramatic, it’s a great way to make the group behind you wake up to themselves a bit. If you have a soccer player in the group then you are in luck because this prank involves taking a dive!

Gag set up

This prank will work best if you are on a hole with limited visibility as above, however as long as the group behind are hitting long enough, you can pull it off in full view.

Wait until they once again hit a ball nearby you, then take a dive – soccer style. Preferably fall at right angles to the fairway so the hitters get a clear view of you hitting the deck. Have your friend put the squirt blood onto your head and also make sure they get a little on their hands. Ensure you have a member in your group, go and fetch the golf ball and lay it 10 feet away also covered in blood – Make sure you don’t draw attention to this ball, you want the hitting group to find this one for themselves!

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Fake Squirt Blood

The hole in one

This one is suited to a large group split into 2, or you know the following group and will have your victim thinking they are ready for the PGA tour. You’re probably also going to need a friend on the mobile in the following group and a course where there is a Par 3 or short Par 4 where you can’t see the green or much of it from the tee box.

Gag set up

Raid your friends golf bag while they paying for their round to get the same ball as they are likely to be using. Once you get to the hole with the obscured / partially obscured green, you just have to hope they hit one in the vicinity of the green that they can’t actually see. Confirm with you friend in the following group which type of ball they are using, then as the hit it in the vicinity of the green, make sure you stay low so they don’t see you and drop their ball in the cup.

They will be excited for the first minute or 2 until they wonder why everyone else in their group and the one in front are laughing at them.

Snake golf course pranks

snake golf course pranksIf your buddy is not a fan of snakes, then one of these might be just what you’re after. With every scare related prank, I like to arm them with nasty thoughts before you even get onto the course to play the prank. For snake gags, the link below is for best snake gag related video I have seen. It will put the thought of snakes in their head before even getting on the course. UTube snake prank video.

Generally speaking, if you take a rubber snake on the course you will find great opportunities to use it. Below a couple of setups to get you started.

The snake chase

Whilst you need a couple of props for this, it is well worth the effort. You require a heavy duty paper clip, about 6 foot of clear fishing line and a 3-4 foot flexible rubber snake. Secure the fishing line to the paper clip at one end, and just behind the head of the snake on the other.

The rest is pretty straight forward – it is best played on the edge of the rough or somewhere snakes might creep up on them. Simply clip the snake line combo onto your victim (preferably on a golf bag if they are carrying one so they don’t feel you put it on). Once they have walked enough to straighten out the fishing line,  get them to turn around and get the camera ready. With any luck, they will jump or run away from the snake – it will chase them with it’s head raised off the ground ready to strike!

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Black Rubber Snake Prank

Snake surprise

rattlesnake golf gagFor this prank, it is best if you are on a cart and you really need a fake snake that looks very realistic – especially if you can get one common in your area. I find the ones with texture work the best of which there are some great textured realistic rattlesnakes available.

Gag set up

snake golf gagOn the golf cart, hide / sit on the snake and make sure you are the driver. When your golfing buddy gets off the cart, bend down and slip it underneath the cart. As they are approaching the rear of the cart to grab their club, drive forward 6 feet and wait for the curses!

If you don’t have a cart and earning some beer credits by walking the course, you may be able to just slip it under your friends bag of clubs so they get a shock when they pick them up. However that’s going to be hard to pull off unless they lay their golf bag on the ground.

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Black Rubber Snake Prank

Snakes on the green

Of course you can’t go past the remote control snake – the only issue with these is that they need a smoother surface to operate on so you are going to have to get this one out on the green. However, driving a snake up beside someone while they are busy trying to read the green makes it all worth while.

The latest remote control snakes like the one below have segmented bodies, and their tails swing while they slither. They’re also fast enough you can set it in motion from 6 feet behind your victim and have it slithering past before they are onto what you are up to.

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Black Rubber Snake Prank

Golf course gators

alligator golf course gag

If you play on courses with alligators, then this one is a must when your partner lands one within a couple of meters of the water.

Grab a couple of larger stones from the carpark and have them in your golf bag for occasions such as this. Tell your golfing buddy you will keep an eye on the water while they’ve got their back turned if they are already a bit jumpy about Gators, then as they look like they’re about to take their shot, throw the stones to have them land a couple of feet from the waters edge and watch them jump!

The best part about this gag is they won’t be able to take the next shot without thinking about – they’re probably just going to take a drop so they don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Golf cup surprises

These will work best if your friend has already taken a bunch of shots to get to the green. Just when they think it can’t get any worse on that hole, it does!

Poo surprise

fake poo golf practical jokeNo I’m not suggesting you leave a surprise in the cup for the group behind you, this gag will have your golfing buddy shaking his head at your filth.

Gag set up

First you will need a fake poo that will fit into the cup and preferably a brown semi liquid in a squeeze tube like peanut butter in a tube. Once you get onto the green closer to the pin then your golf partner, pull the flag for them and drop the poo into the cup squeezing a bit of brown goo on top. If you are close enough, you can even putt out first then drop it in for his shot.

Once they sink their putt, try and distract them by getting them to look away while they are retrieving their ball from the cup. Hopefully they will look away and grab onto the fake turd while trying to retrieve it but if not, they should at least stop retrieving. If they see it, go along with the joke then tell them you’ll get it out for them. Retrieve their ball carefully and throw it at them.

Then you should probably put some distance between you and your golfing buddy to avoid getting the brown goo smeared all over you.

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Fake Poo Practical Joke

Spider surprise

spider golf gagAs with all fear gags, some pre game seed planting will make the prank that much better. Look for spider videos on U tube or show them images of crazy bit or attacking spiders. Here’s a video of a large spider catching fail if you don’t have another in mind.

Then you are looking for the same set up as above replacing the turd with the spider. If you don’t already have a fake spider you can put in the cup, look for one that has a strong textural component so when they put their hand on it, it will immediately set them off!

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Plastic Fake Hairy Spiders

The Air Horns

air horn golf prank tee off

If you haven’t seen the air horn golf prank from Jackass, then treat yourself to this clip of it from the movie.

It is pretty self explanatory, a well timed blast of the horn in the back swing is enough to make any ones blood boil. Be careful if you choose to do this to people outside your group though… Some people are so serious!

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Golf Air Horn

Golf Prank Suggestions?

We hope one of these gags will work for you to use on your local course and you can have a few laughs.

If your are looking for a few new jokes for your repertoire, check out our top dirty golf jokes. If they’re a bit filthy for you, here are our clean jokes or our short one liner golf jokes if you like the short punchy style. 

Have you got any golf pranks or gags that you have pulled off on your friends? If so, we would love to hear about them or even better see them if you caught them on camera. Contact us here with your submissions – we would love to spread the laughter on the golf course!

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