30 Dirty Golf Team Names

Here’s our list of the top dirty golf team names suitable for any form of golf team play such as scramble. They are sure to get a laugh from your opponents and while some will see them as inappropriate, they are intended to be funny so they will just need to loosen up a bit. It might even help their swing!!

black chimp laughing at dirty golf team names

If you are looking for team names that are still funny but less rude, check out our top 40 funny golf team names. Or if you are good with the rude humour, you are probably going to enjoy our selection of rude golf jokes. Enjoy.

  • My Wife Can’t Play Golf Well, But You Should See Her Box
  • Morning 1 Wood
  • The Ball Washers
  • Every Hole Counts
  • Back 9 Bandits
  • Unskilled Hookers
  • The Ball Knockers
  • Tiger’s Wood
  • The Fore Skins
  • The Hole Seekers
  • The Legendary Hooded Clubs
  • Our Shafts Are Longer
  • Dimpled Balls
  • I’d Tap That
  • Beginner Foreplay
  • Hoof Hearted
  • The Strokers
  • The Long Shafts
  • The Oversized Heads
  • The Swingers
  • Less Strokes Needed
  • Sandy Balls
  • The Swinging Foresome
  • Don’t Touch My Shaft
  • The Happy Hookers
  • Balls Deep
  • Long Putters
  • Multiple Foregasms
  • 2 Balls, 1 Hole
  • Has Anyone Seen My Balls?

If you enjoyed this, we’ve got a top selection of dirty golf jokes here. They are probably a slightly ruder than these team names so if this was a bit much, the dirty jokes are not for you.

We’ve also got our top picks for joke golf gifts for birthdays, seniors and a bunch of other gift categories.

Otherwise, I sure hope you go a laugh out of these dirty golf team names. Our cleaner team names are here if you are after team names suitable for all ages.

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