About Us

golf pranks laughing monkeyWelcome to Golf Pranks – Where every golfer will have a great day on the course.

I have played golf with quite a few friends over the years and it always amazes me how golf seems to bring out the serious side in so may of them. I personally can’t take my golf that seriously so although I love a hit, I take great pleasure in a few pranks – especially when my golfing buddy has hit a few bad shots.

We’ve sought to provide you with the best golf practical jokes which when used at the right time can really generate a few laughs at your golfing partners expense. Whether your are searching for exploding, novelty, trick or unputtable golf balls, or taking advantage of your friends fear of snakes or spiders – we’ve got the gag for you.

We’ve also got our picks for the best golf jokes out there. Maybe after you’ve just pranked your golf buddy, you can lighten the mood again with a few quality golf jokes.

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